Gedeo Pebeo Siligum Silicon for moulding and casting - 300g box

Gedeo Pebeo Siligum Silicon for moulding and casting - 300g box


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This fast-setting, two-component silicone molding paste is ideal for accurate molding of small objects, ornaments, flat decorations, and more.

Great for use by amateur hobbyists as well as professional artists, Pebeo Gedeo Siligum sets within 10 minutes into a flexible mold that produces exceptionally detailed and accurate imprints. A 100 g box is sufficient for creating up to three molds measuring 4 cm each.

Each mold can be used to produce more than 50 casts in plaster, resin, low melting point metal, or wax.

Here are a few features:

  • easy to use, versatile and high quality imprint moulding gum
  • as used by Heston Blumenthal for food shaping and moulding
  • mix two part silicone gum, press around object, rapidly sets in 5 - 10 minutes
  • can produce over 50 casts in crystal resin, wax, chocolate, plaster and low melting point metals
  • 300g covers an area of about 26 x 26cm when a few mm thick
It's easy to use by mixing equal parts blue and white for 30 seconds.The colour must be a uniform light blue. Make a ball and press onto the object, to obtain a 5mm thick layer. Hardening time: about 5 minutes.
We stock the Siligum in 100g and 300g box sizes.